Board of Directors

Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of XTEK Ltd,

an Australian publicly listed company (ASX:XTE)

The XTEK Board is responsible for the corporate governance of Simmersion Holdings. 


Executive Director

Robert (Bob) Quodling, Managing Director

Bob Quodling was a co-founder and is currently the Managing Director of Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited. Bob is also an Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of XTEK Ltd.  Bob has been instrumental in establishing and growing Simmersion from start up. He was the frontline business and financial entrepreneur steering the initial line of business, Simurban, to success in Australia.

Bob has extensive experience as a leader and motivator of high performance teams in the defence and aerospace sectors at the operational and executive level. His skills have been gained in a diverse range of activities including project management, marketing and business development in both operational and development contexts.


Bob is dedicated to the development and sustainment of the Simmersion Holdings business through the provision of cutting edge visualisation impact assessment software and exceptional 3D modelling and simulation services that meet or exceed client expectations