Simmersion commenced operations in 2002 developing realtime simulation software called Simurban® for the unexplored urban planning market. In response to a growing market demand and our expertise in using the Simurban software suite, we expanded our business portfolio to provide 3D modelling and other simulation services.

In October 2004, we registered and commenced trading as Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited. Today, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of simulation and related modelling services based on the Simurban software suite.

The Simurban software suite with its wide range of applications across diverse industries has had remarkable first successes in the urban planning sector. We have enjoyed commercial success in penetrating and leading this sector in the provision of 3D simulation products and services in Australia.

Between 2004 and 2007 we demonstrated our dedication to continuous R&D to further develop and extend our Simurban technology to ensure that simulations were the best and most realistic immersive experience possible for the user.

In June 2006, we completed a capital raising of $1 million dollars to help fund national and international expansion and fund further R&D.

In August 2006, we were selected as one of Red Herring Magazine’s top 100 technology start-ups in Asia Award for 2006.

In January 2008, we raised a further $1.9 million dollars to fund our R&D program to create a new technology platform called Mycosm®, a real-time 3D simulation and visualization platform. This R&D program was introduced to the market in 2011, but was not commercialised, mainly due to the availability of superior commercial solutions, such as Unity.

Between 2012 and 2015 Simmersion focussed solely on providing services utilising Simurban software.  Simmersion was acquired by XTEK Ltd in November 2015. 


During 2016 Simmersion developed XTviz to replace and upgrade its Simurban software. XTviz software, built using Unity, is available now for demonstration/evaluation and for delivering services provided by Simmersion.