City of Perth 3D City Models

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The City of Perth is the local government authority for the capital city of Western Australia. The City of Perth provides a range of services and support for businesses that have chosen to operate in the city. It is also responsible for municipal operations services provided to residents and the community, including accessibility, free public transport within the city, hosting free entertainment and maintaining the city's beautiful, green public spaces.

The challenge

  • To build a 3D City Model over an area of 12 square kilometres including terrain accurate to 0.25 metres and buildings accurate to 0.5 metres.
  • To deliver the model as a real-time 3D visualisation.
  • To provide the 3D data and real-time software on time and on budget.
  • To train staff to actively maintain and create projects within the 3D City Model.


  • Simmersion created a project plan to complete the contracted data creation on time, on budget and to the required accuracies.
  • The City of Perth now uses the 3D City Model within their Strategy, Planning and City Design Departments for Development Assessments, Master Planning and Urban environment projects.
  • The 3D City Model has been used to assist planning staff and council elected members make crucial planning assessment decisions which otherwise would not have been possible.
  • Built form models are being used within the 3D City Model to assess future potential growth areas and possible changes to the City Planning Scheme.
  • Simmersion now supports The City of Perth with overflow modelling work.

"The City of Perth wishes to thank Simmersion for their professionalism during the initial 3D City Model development contract. Simmersion delivered the product as requested on time and within budget, giving any additional support as needed to make the project a success. Beyond the original contract, they have always provided prompt, courteous service, accommodated the City's new modelling standards and have even given modelling technical support in areas outside of its original contract scope. The City has benefitted greatly with the use of the Simurban software and looks forward to the new release." — Dimitri Fotev, City of Perth 3D Model Coordinator, City Design.

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