Simmersion and Sensis create highly accurate 3D city models for portable navigation solutions

Sydney city 3D models Sydney - Corner of Pitt and Goulburn streets Sydney Town Hall - North West view Sydney - North West through Hyde Park Melbourne city 3D models Melbourne - South West view to Flinders Street station Melbourne - State Library of Victoria South West view Melbourne - travelling south down Elizabeth Street Brisbane city 3D models Brisbane - South West view with Aurora Tower right Brisbane - North East view Queen Street Brisbane - Elizabeth Street heading South

Sensis™ is Australia’s leading information resource. Sensis has grown from a telephone book company to become one of the world's most advanced information providers. Sensis helps people and businesses to find, buy and sell products, services and information. Sensis is a creator and supplier of spatial data to various clients, both inside Sensis (Whereis®) and worldwide through various GPS navigation system providers, both in-car and portable.

The challenge

  • In late 2008 Sensis approached us to ascertain our ability to create and provide them with 2D and 3D city models for in-car and portable navigation.
  • Sensis asked us to build spatially accurate and textured 3D CAD models of buildings and 2D cadastral data sets of a portion of the Sydney central business district (CBD) for potential use across a range of Whereis® products and services.
  • The key challenge faced by Sensis and Simmersion was to create extremely accurate spatially precise data sets cost effectively.


  • Simmersion created accurate, textured 3D building models of portions of the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne CBDs. Together, Sensis and Simmersion have produced highly accurate and precise 2D feature data sets of city CBD areas.
  • Simmersion is now under contract to Sensis to extend the 3D model and 2D data sets over other Australian and New Zealand cities.
  • These 3D and 2D data sets will be used by Sensis and licensed to GPS navigation companies for deployment of 3D GPS navigation solutions in 2010. 

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