Simmersion Holdings received Commercialisation Australia grant support for the early stage Commercialisation of Mycosm, a 3D visual simulation platform

Press Release

Canberra – Simmersion Holdings today announced that it had been successful in its application for early stage commercialisation grant funding support through the Commercialisation Australia program. This funding will enable the initial commercial deployment of Mycosm into the E-Learning, Sales & Marketing, Decision Support and Entertainment markets.

Mycosm is a platform for creating real-time high fidelity 3D visualisations. Mycosm Studio provides powerful, accessible tools for a wide range of developers to create compelling 3D environments. Mycosm Player allows these environments to be published and distributed to a broad online audience.

Commenting on the grant announcement Bob Quodling, CEO, Simmersion said “We are delighted with this outcome. Mycosm is an ambitious project that has taken over three years of R&D to develop. We funded this development partly through revenues, partly through government grants (Commercial Ready funding) and partly through external investors. We now have the assistance we need to promote Mycosm globally”

2010 is the year when high-definition 3D goes mainstream. The arrival of ‘Avatar’ is the first in a wave of 3D movies. This year we will see 3D TV’s go on sale.  Equally, in the 3D visualization space, you will see the arrival of Mycosm. Riding three convergent trends the Mycosm Platform is set to revolutionize the creation and distribution of interactive visual simulations with fidelity and richness similar to the world’s best 3D video games. These trends (the commoditization of high-end graphics processor units (GPU’s); the strong growth of internet-based developer and user communities; and the arrival of new operating systems that exploit 3D rendering capabilities) provide the perfect storm for adoption of a platform like Mycosm.

Jeff Cotter, Co-Founder and CTO of Simmersion said “The Mycosm Platform [Mycosm Studio, Mycosm Player, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and a Software Development Kit (SDK) will go to market in 2010. The fidelity, functionality and flexibility of Mycosm provides a much broader application than our early Simurban software and offers significant global potential.”

Simmersion has benefitted from a number of AusIndustry programs. The COMET program allowed Simmersion to better understand and realise the commercialisation potential of Simurban® software and to change the business model to provide software, content and services. The Commercial Ready Grant allowed Simmersion to conduct the core R&D behind the Mycosm Platform.

Quodling continued “Collectively COMET and Commercial Ready significantly helped the R&D of Mycosm, now this Commercialisation Australia grant will allow us to fast track our go to market strategy”.