XTviz is a real-time 3D platform for creating high fidelity visualisations, simulations and applications.  XTviz provides powerful, accessible tools designed to be easy and simple to use. Import models, create simple building shapes using our block model builder and do accurate shadow analysis using our date and time system. Take screenshots, set viewpoints and save your changes for future viewings with stakeholders.


screenshot from XTviz demo

User experience

Xtviz has a simple, uncluttered interface that helps the creative process. Its rapid workflow makes it quick and easy to take content from 3D modeling packages into a real time environment for accurate visual analysis.

Rendering engine

The high-fidelity, high-performance rendering engine offers multiple real-time light sources with shadows and game-standard effects such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting and other post processing effects.

Block Model Builder

Is useful in the quick prototyping of building shapes. It allows you to quickly do shadow and line of sight analysis for example.

Imported models

Models you import into XTviz are encrypted in a binary file format. Allowing you to share your project so that they can view your model but you can be safe in the notion that they can't take your model our of XTviz. 


Screenshot from XTviz demo

Who is XTviz for?

XTviz is for anyone who has a complex idea and are in need of the best way in which to communicate that visually to stakeholders. It is a real-time 3D application for poeple with no specific technical skills.

XTviz has been designed for use in a broad range of industries where high-fidelity visualization, simulation and real-time interactivity is required. Some example areas we have worked in:

  • Architectural visualization
  • Mining simulation
  • Warehouse automation simulation
  • Job induction training
  • City traffic-flow simulation
  • Town planning, visualization and decision support
  • Virtual tours

Can someone build it for me?

If you have a real-time 3D simulation or visualization we will be happy to discuss some options with you. Contact us here.