Real-time 3D Mining simulation and visualisation

Accurate real-time 3D mine site environments with the visual realism and interactivity of current generation computer games. Complete with terrain, site buildings, vehicles, figures and equipment, XTviz lets you simulate and visualize a range of operational tasks and scenarios such as induction training, real-time vehicle tracking, disaster simulation or visual communications for investor relations.

Mine demo video

Environment simulation

Simulate environmental effects such as sound, light, shadow, sun, moon, water, wind, smoke, fire, dust, rain and heat.

Product or equipment demonstration

Visualize and demonstrate prototype equipment before production. Demonstrate how equipment and machinery operate or interact.

Planning and assessment

Assess a development proposal, simulate dangerous operations before they are undertaken or visualise anticipated environmental impacts.


Create realistic disaster scenarios for rescue training and emergency evacuation. Conduct virtual mine orientation for new staff.

Asset management

Use asset databases, GPS and other data to track, visualise and manage assets.

Simulation analytics

Undertake virtual what-if, operational or situational analysis. Conduct line of sight analysis.

Spatial & GIS data visualization

Overlay mining operational plans, view data in the context of a corresponding 3D environment and analyse terrain models.

Media and communications

Develop animations, images or specific virtual environments for marketing or corporate communication. Create compelling real-time presentations for investors or community consultation.


XTviz development services

If you have a simulation or visualization project in mind but don't have the time or resources to build it, we will be happy to discuss some options with you. Contact us here.