Simurban® is a state of the art solution that allows users to build and simulate any actual or conceptual world environment in highly accurate, photorealistic and interactive 3D.


  • Advanced 3D visualization engine
  • Realtime interactivity
  • Orthorectified and Surveyed inputs
  • Scenery Engine
  • Solar Depiction Engine
  • Advanced Shader technology
  • Sound attentuation model
  • DirectX based 3D engine


  • Fast tracks the development assessment process by up to 50%
  • Reduces litigation by up to 80%
  • Highly accurate analysis of development proposals
  • Fast, effective community consultation
  • CAD models can be viewed in spatially accurate locational context
  • Immense amounts of data can be viewed effectively
  • Planning and development concepts can be created in realtime
  • Accurate spatial data can be rendered with incredible realism


  • Urban, town and architectural planning
  • Development assessment
  • Community consulation
  • Project or facility marketing
  • Homeland security
  • Services training and simulation
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Flight simulation
  • Disaster response planning

How is Simurban used?

Simurban for property developersProperty developers

See what a building design looks like before construction begins and how it will impact surroundings buildings. Sell a property by showing prospective clients views of an apartment from any angle – inside or out. Use Simurban to perform shadow and view obstruction analysis before submitting a development application, greatly assisting in the approval process.

Simurban for Urban plannersUrban planners

Take all of your existing spatial data such as aerial photography, cadastre heights and 3D models and view it all together in gloriously smooth realtime 3D. Turn your data into a real environment that you can see, hear and interact with. Reduce litigation between stakeholders in a proposed urban change by up to 80% and the time taken to assess development applications by up to 50%.

Simurban for ArchitectsArchitects

Simurban is useful for the entire project lifecycle. Use the simulator for conceptual design in context and view it from every angle. Use friendly tools like the block model builder to draw polygons onto the landscape and extrude them to a height so you can see the impact of different shapes.

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