Photogrammetry warehouse

Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited is not just a 3D Visualisation/Virtual World technology company. We can supply all of your photogrammetric and data creation needs and offer a holistic solution through our Simurban® and Mycosm® software that is well supported by our thriving services business. We have over 5 years experience in generating 2D and 3D datasets that are used by our customers within their software solutions and externally for other uses.

We can create data that is accurate to 2.5 times the pixel size of the imagery used to create the data in x, y, and z. We own a large amount of imagery over many parts of Australia and have forged strong business relationships in order to obtain additional imagery at competitive prices when required. Alternatively, we can utilise your existing imagery, providing that it meets your requirements (see below), to provide the following Services:

  • Digital ortho photo creation
  • 3D data creation
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Contours
  • Break lines and kerb data
  • X, Y, Z point files
  • 3D building data
  • 2D datasets to specification

Digital ortho photo creation

We can create all of your Digital Ortho Imagery (DOI) at a very competitive price.  We will work with you to ensure you consider the main objectives in creating your dataset and obtain the correct inputs to achieve the results you require.

Digital ortho photo creation

3D data creation

Simmersion Holdings has employed photogrammetric techniques to create 3D datasets for over 5 years and can create all of your 3D datasets. All datasets can be created in the correct format for your GIS/Asset Management/or CAD package of choice.

Digital Terrain Models

We can create highly detailed Digital Terrain Models using photogrammetric processes; these are generally created using both contours and break lines, but can be customised to meet your needs.

Digital Terrain Models


We can generate contour files of any region you require using photogrammetric processes. We produce large amounts of data for analysis in both government and private industry and can create contour files to suit your needs. One of our largest customer bases for contour files are physical model makers; these model makers require highly detailed, labelled contour files such as the one shown below.

Contour files

Break lines / kerb data

We can generate break line files for any region you require using photogrammetric processes.  We use break lines to create highly accurate digital terrain models. These files convert a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) that is created purely from contour files (showing indicative terrain) to one containing a high level of detail.

Break lines or kerb data

X Y Z point files

We can output your height data in many different formats and can provide the data as an additional x, y, z point file.

X Y Z point files

3D building data

We can create 3D building data to varying levels of detail ranging from roof polylines to Level 3 models (photo rendered with all external features modelled). Our highly trained professional team of 3D Artists can create the exact level of detail you require.

Roof polylines

Using photogrammetric processes, we can create highly detailed roof polylines of any region you require   Roof polylines are created using different techniques, depending on the end result required.

Roof polylines

3D building models to varying levels of detail

Simmersion can supply Grey Scale, Photo rendered, or indicative cartoon textured buildings. These are all spatially accurate to accuracies dependant on the input data they have been created from.  Simmersion can create both detailed roofline buildings for planning and visualisation purposes, or extremely low polygon buildings for use within applications where memory retention is highly important.

3D building models

2D Datasets to specification

Simmersion can create all of your 2D data needs to specification, and can provide these datasets in all of the major GIS outputs. Simmersion has worked to create a streamlined QA process to assure you receive the output you require, to the accuracy you need.

2D datasets in all major GIS outputs

Currently available imagery

Simmersion Holdings has comprehensive datasets of many parts of Australia, including both Sydney and Canberra, and can also help you with your imagery needs outside of these areas.


Simmersion Holdings can also offer consultancy that will enable you to obtain the required results from your next imagery purchase. This will ensure you obtain the best fit dataset for your desired solution.

Inputs required

If you can provide Simmersion with raw TIFF images and either Ground Control or Aerial Triangulation Results and Camera information Simmersion can create any of the above datasets for you.

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